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Welcome to Modterior Blog

Wooden Coffee Table

How To Purchase A Wooden Coffee Table?

As a material, wood has a classic charm that lends a stroke of elegance to any space. A wooden coffee table is not just a functional piece of furniture but has a stylish silhouette to fit in your home or office decor. With so many options...

How to Create an Ergonomic Home Office?

How to Create an Ergonomic Home Office?

Many of us are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is a clear possibility that the present situation will prevail for at least a year and even beyond. So, it's the right time to transform your home into a new office to...

How to Add New Life to A Dull Office Conference Room

How to Add New Life to A Dull Office Conference Room?

Ah, corporate conference rooms! What is termed as one of the most productive rooms in a workplace, often turns out to be an epicenter of utter boredom, frustration, and lack of interest. How long will this meeting last? Well, that’s most of your employees think whenever...


5 Steps to Select an Idyllic Coffee Table

A living room without a coffee table is like a Hollywood diva without the oomph factor.  This article is curated as a mini step-by-step guide to steer you toward purchasing an apt coffee table. Let’s have a quick rundown. Step 1:  Functionality A key factor when choosing a...

5 common Furniture Arranging Mistakes in a Living Room

People love decorating their dream home. But invariably we make hasty calls that can ruin the overall feel of the interiors. Is the rug too large for the small room? Fewer lights in a huge living room? So on so forth. If you’re designing from scratch...

How To Design Your Guest Room To Impress?

While designing a guest room, make it a comfy space that has all the luxuries of a hotel but with the charm of a home. Consider all the basic requirements of a traveler: a cozy bed, a chair, a closet, and those mostly forgotten necessities such...