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Welcome to Modterior Blog


The importance of creating an unforgettable office space

Any professional can tell you that the office design is as much a part of marketing as anything else that gets produced. When somebody walks into your professional space, you want to give the impression of competence and polish. If you have a client that...


Light up your place with an arco floor lamp

Lighting is a very important part in decorating your house or office. A good lighting can set up the ambience for the place while poor lighting can be a real mood killer. The best option for you is to use floor lamps. It can work...


Seven types of Leather for Furniture you can buy

Leather furniture is classy and sophisticated. It is a great choice for either the home or office. If you have sat in a leather seat before, either in a chair or your car, you know that not every leather chair is the same. There are varied...


Things to keep in mind while buying a Barcelona Style Chair

The Barcelona Style chair is a chair which was designed by Lilly Reich and Ludwig Miss van der Rohe. Initially it was bolted together and it was redesigned in 1950 and since 1953 Knoll Inc has been manufacturing Barcelona chairs. Barcelona style chair is made...


High Tech Office Ideas

The office is someplace that’s supposed to be created for personal productivity. It can be an office created specifically for commercial purposes, or for things that need to be done out of the home. The bottom line is that coming to the office is essentially...

Unique Furniture to Unique Rooms

Matching Unique Furniture to Unique Rooms

With so much technology being dedicated to the art of decorating, there’s really something available for everyone. Regardless of your taste or your personal preference, you’re going to find something that you really enjoy. There’s also an entirely new realm of creativity being introduced into...