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Styling Your Living Room: Pro Tips in 2020

Styling Your Living Room: Pro Tips in 2020

With temperature starting to dip with each passing day, it’s the right time to redecorate your living space before the lazy winter embraces you.

Whether modern or classy, relaxed or formal, your living room should be a place where you feel comfortable and can let your guards down to spend quality time with your kids and family.

Styling Your Living Room Pro Tips in 2020

This is no rocket science, but a few simple tips to make your space captivating and at the same time functional too would do no harm.

 So, let’s check out these four tips, and see if you could implement them in your upcoming house renovation project:

#1. A Comfortable Lounge Chair

A Comfortable Lounge Chair

An aesthetically-pleasing, comfortable lounge chair is an excellent addition to your living room. It would be perfect for Friday night football derby or when you return home after a long tiring day at the office.

Pick a lounge chair such as Eames Lounge Chair Replica that not only offers real comfort but also blends with your rich interiors to reflect your personality.

Lounge chairs are available in a plethora of size, shape, and design, and colour options. Above all, the budget must be taken into account before you commence your search for an apt lounge chair online.

And, finally don’t forget to compare the material, there are broadly three choices, one is leather, second being, fabric, and lastly, microfiber.

Each material has its own set of pros & cons; you must weigh them before purchasing.

#2. Understanding the Science of Colors

 The fusion of light & dark has an uncanny ability to make your living room feel mesmerizingly clean and spacious. It creates the perfect balance and depth for a dynamic look that appeals inviting all season. So, include a little white and a little black furnishing for a beguiling finish in your living space, otherwise all-dark will feel like a cave that no one wants to get-in.

Don’t forget the neutrals. Beyond the combination of little white and black, a fusion of contrasting neutrals creates a rich and welcoming feel. For instance, brass hardware, caramel leather, blue-grey cabinets, white walls, and grey walls, all coordinate with one another, regardless they have different finishes and undertones.

Finally, as a finishing touch, render a dash of colors to your living space. You can always create an alluring living space with vivid hues, but by adding a few vibrant colours that helps in creating an inviting & relaxed ambience that everyone loves.

When you are in doubt, which colour to opt, go with cheerful blue, it won’t disappoint you.

You should mix and match colors for a refreshing feel.

#3. Choose Movable Tables and Stools

Choose Movable Tables and Stools

 The lightweight, portable tables and stools are always fun to have in your living room. They are practical to keep all the daily stuff or seating for an extra guest and look great when you choose the style and color scheme that compliments your room’s interiors. But, don’t go with big tables and stools as they will make your room look congested.

#4. Consider Conversational Distances

Regardless, how much your living room is, there must be proper conversational distances. A good distance between the chairs can be 8 feet.

A 12-seater sofa always looks awesome, but if you want to create a cosy space, go with small and fewer seating pieces, and push them a little away from each other.


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