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Welcome to Modterior Blog


3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Womb Lounge Chair

Eero Saarinen has created the iconic and classic womb chair at the request of her friend Florence Knoll in 1948. Florence Knoll was a famous furniture designer and an architect from the United States of America. She wanted her friend to create a chair that...


How to find a good quality replica Eames chair

People compare the Eames brand to the Volkswagen brand in automobiles, as his products were long lasting, functional, affordable, and universally appealing. To be frank, though, Eames chairs are only affordable so long as you don't buy one from their original manufacturer today. Indeed, Eames chair...

3 Reasons you should buy Barcelona Chair

In 1929, Lilly Reich and Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe created this marvelous chair. It is nothing less than a classic. Many had praised its design when it came out it the market and felt it is iconic. The creators were inspired and had adopted few...


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lounge Chair

Life’s little pleasures are derived from everyday comforts. One such comfort is relaxing in the perfect lounge chair. This is not somewhere you sleep after a long day of hard work. They are meant to relax mind, body, and soul leaving you open to enjoy...