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A User Guide to Modernize Your Small Kitchen

A User Guide to Modernize Your Small Kitchen

Who doesn’t dream of a spacious and modern kitchen?

It is a functional part of your home. Due to the high demand for smart-homes and downsizing, kitchen space is shrinking, thus making way for smarter ways to design.

But, with modern design trends, creative uses of colors, multi-functional shelves—there are endless possibilities to maximize your kitchen space.

Herein, we are sharing 5 ideas to modernize the cooking area of your home without breaking the bank:

1. Lit up

Lighting can make a huge difference in your kitchen and can enhance your existing design without costing a fortune.

Some of the ways to brighten up your kitchen are:

  • Install pendant lights over your sink or countertops
  • Create an eye-catching point in your kitchen with a statement chandelier
  • Hang ambient lighting features over seating or dining area
  • Invest in LED strip lights to highlight the cabinet’s interior
  • Install accent lights to illuminate shelves and glass cabinets

Lights not only add an extra splash of class but also improve the ambiance, and versatility of your kitchen.

2. Add colors

Regardless of the size, colors can completely transform the look of any kitchen.

As it is said, lighter is brighter.

Using light colors like white, ivory, cream, or grey on countertops or walls can make a smaller kitchen look more spacious and open.

Some ways to add color are:

  • Re-paint cabinets and drawers
  • Install a colorful tile backsplash
  • Use wall-paper in the kitchen
  • Lay down a colorful rug

Avoid using multiple colors as this can make a kitchen look packed and smaller.

3. Add seating area

With the ongoing trends of stools and tables, it has become more convenient than ever to eat right next to where you cook.

For instance, low, round stools can be kept under kitchen islands while armless chairs can be paired with a coffee table without gobbling up much space.

You can also use the space under the table for additional storage.

4. Have fun with walls

Not have enough counter and floor space to experiment with?

Don’t worry!

Take advantage of the empty walls in the kitchen and create a beautiful display that can wow your guests even more than food.

For instance, install a wall-mounted floating shelf or table that can fold down to make a small space look sleek and put-together.

You can also elaborate your kitchen walls by

  • Adding patterned tile, wallpaper, or wall decor
  • Displaying colorful plates, kitchen supplies, and decorative items
  • Hanging artwork and collections
  • Placing wall-mounted planters

5. Invest in multi-purpose shelves

Investing in multi-functional shelves is an amazing idea for a small kitchen where storing utensils and other belongings is a big problem.

Some of the benefits of adding multi-purpose shelves are:

  • Keep all your important utensils, cutlery, and jars
  • Aesthetically appealing to the guests
  • Kitchen looks more open and spacious
  • Less dust and grime
  • Easy organization of kitchen items

If you want to save some floor or counter space, invest in wall-mounted kitchen shelves.

In the end…

Even if your kitchen doesn’t have spacious countertops, a storage area, and an extra-large dining table, still you can maximize the space with these clever ideas.

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What is your idea for modernizing your small cooking space? Do comment below.