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Welcome to Modterior Blog


The Men and Women Who’s Designs Changed the World

Anyone who’s ever sat in a vintage piece of furniture, or who’s had their interest sparked by something that was designed in just the right way might be looking at a design idea from one of the greats. Throughout history, there have been several people...

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Methods of Lighting for Interior Décor

Redecorating can be a huge Choice. It can be one made on the spur of the moment, or something that’s been carefully planned for many many years. Either way, it is a multi-level process. Redecorating isn’t just about changing the color schemes or the themes...


Classic Modern Furniture that You Shouldn’t Live Without

Interior decorating is really anybody’s game nowadays. There are a huge variety of different styles and quality pieces to choose from when trying to design your space. There are many different professionals you can hire who will help you to make the decisions, or you...

Ins and Out of Furniture Design

The Ins and Out of Furniture Design

Furniture companies have a really unique and fun profession. Not only are they able to provide you with some of the best pieces the world has to offer, they also get to have a hand in designing many of the furniture pieces that they use....

Good Office Furniture Increases Productivity

Office Furniture – Good Office Furniture Increases Productivity

Furniture is not only a way to decorate your office and house, but it also provides comfort while people use it. Various types of design and style are available on chairs and other furniture stuff. But, when it comes to office furniture especially the seating...

Barcelona Office Chair

A Barcelona chair reproduction is a piece of furniture that should be in every office whether it is at home or at work. An office environment should be modern but comfortable. It should be up to date without being cold. Customers who walk in need...