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The Men and Women Who’s Designs Changed the World


The Men and Women Who’s Designs Changed the World

Anyone who’s ever sat in a vintage piece of furniture, or who’s had their interest sparked by something that was designed in just the right way might be looking at a design idea from one of the greats. Throughout history, there have been several people who have really set the bar for interior design and architecture.

Often times, the two go hand-in-hand. They have an eye for designing a building, and then they take their Vision one step further. They begin to design the kinds of furniture and the ergonomically correct seating that is needed to set this building off. These are some of the most unique and gorgeous design ideas anywhere in the world. When you’re buying a piece of furniture, it’s important to ask who originally inspired the design. Sometimes, there are pieces that were directly created by these people, and other times they are inspired by the original design ideas.

It also helps to understand what kinds of designs you like. If you have a particular designer that you always gravitate towards, you can research this person and find more of their work out there. This can allow you to build an entire room based entirely on those specific tastes and patterns. If you are unsure of who you’re interested in, you can ask a professional interior designer, and they can give you some idea of where your tastes gravitate.

The internet is also a fantastic resource for figuring out the kinds of furniture that you’re really looking for. You can find gorgeous pieces for the home or office created by many of these famous designers. Whether you’re looking for a womb chair, or more of a UFO chair pattern, you can find the designs and designers at online retailers. These are just some of the famous designers from the past who still influence furniture today:

Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray was a famous architect born in Ireland in 1878. She was encouraged to develop her artistic side, and took an interest in furniture as well as building design. She often took jobs decorating apartments in other areas. One of her most famous pieces of furniture is the Bibendum chair. This is a chair that appears to have several layers of cushion stacked directly on top of one another. It gives the impression of sitting in a giant enclosed marshmallow.

Harry Bertoia

Harry Bertoia was born in Italy in 1915. He emigrated to America and became incredibly popular as a modern furniture designer. Many of his earlier compliments included things like sculpting. He became very interested in the use of wire and manipulation of smaller parts. This led to some of his more popular pieces such as the Bertoia style Diamond Wire chair. This piece looks very modern, while feeling much more comfortable than it originally looks.

Le Corbusier

This was another architect turned Furniture designer who was absolutely inspired by modern design and clean lines. He came up with some incredibly interesting buildings that still stand today. He has constructed buildings all over the world, and was still working clear up until his death in 1965. He takes the idea of clean lines and open space into his furniture. He has quite a bit of symmetry when designing the Le Corbusier style armchair and couches. These often appear to square off and two fit the individual who’s seated in them perfectly. He also works with leather and cowhide to create very unique cushion patterns on some of his sparser products. These are as much eye Candy as they are a source of comfort.