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Infuse Style With A Comforting Accent Piece – Chairs!

Infuse Style With A Comforting Accent Piece – Chairs!

Who doesn’t like their home to exude a royal aura? Right? While you’re counting on your interior designer, what if some minor changes in furniture may do the trick? Let’s find out more …

Having a reclining chair at the cozy corner while reveling in the scening beauty out could make a notable difference in how welcome you feel in a space.

Don’t believe that? Read on to know how selecting the right chair not only suffices the function but captivates every naked eye!

Nowadays, interior designers are inclining towards designing furniture that complements their work. Having a comfortable yet classy chair will enhance the living room, lounge or bedroom in a way like never imagined before!

If you never thought of it before, do it now to feel the real difference.

Below are some of the tips which may help you choose the perfect chair for your home and/or office:

Leather Quality

Leather plays a vital role in the makeover of the chair. Both the seat, back, and the armrest are made of the same leather. To ensure an enduring experience in your indoor space, the chair’s leather needs to be of top-notch quality.

Buying fake leather might save some bucks, but it would be worthless in the future. So, buying a chair with 100% genuine Italian leather is aesthetically stunning and breathable.

Alternatively, you can use superior quality polyurethane foam or any latest material (fiberglass) for prolonged use of chairs.

Leg Strength

A chair’s real strength depends on its legs.

For instance, the iconic Barcelona Chair resonates the amalgam of immaculate design and comfort. Look carefully how its legs arch from the top of the chair’s back to the floor.

It is important to look for sturdy legs that can easily support immense body weight without wobbling.  Check out some fine examples of lounge chairs with legs of varying styles but world-class comfort.


While you are selecting the perfect chairs, do pay attention to the size of the room.  Whether it goes with the existing furnishing or look an odd one in the room?

Remember, the chair size varies from one design to another. For instance, the height of the chair seat will be different in a bar stool from that of your traditional kitchen chair.

On average, the dining chair seat must be at a height of between 18″ to 20″ while that of an occasional chair with 18″, Sofa/Loveseat(16″ to 18”), or the counter stools that can go to even 30”.

Having an ill-fit chair could spoil the entire design of your room. Be careful!

Pads & Cushions

Whenever you think of buying a chair, make sure it has got high-quality pads and cushions. Especially if you are going to sit on the chair for long such as your dining or living room.

Have a pad and cushion made of the high-density form so that it can comfortably take any shape when someone takes support.

There is no dearth of cushions variety out there: thickness, shape, color, and material for distinct tastes and preferences. Spend some time to get cushions that just make chairs aesthetically elegant.

Place It Right

It is solely your choice where you wish to keep the chair to make it more inviting and do not clutter the room. Whether in a home or official space, chairs must be placed where they are needed.

Find a cozy corner in front of a window or around your central table to accommodate more guests, it is your choice!

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