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How To Brighten Up Your Abode Without Flashy Lights?

How To Brighten Up Your Abode Without Flashy Lights?

Just because a home does not have a ceiling light, it does mean it will be shrouded in abysmal darkness.  

Apparently, many homes in America use indirect lighting such as table lamps nicely placed on end tables, both sides of the couch. It illuminates the entire space around, adds texture and changes the vibe of the home. 

As much as you desperately want to lighten up your home, the blurred vision to install ceiling lights crops up because it creates glare and shadows. 

Having walls of the room properly lit should not be a big fuss. We have some viable options that would be an effective alternative to ceiling lights:

Floor Lamps

Generally, they are used as mood or softer lighting so you can turn off the main lights at the end of the day to conserve energy and save money. Especially in evenings, floor lamps give your home that evening dark and cozy look. 

When you don’t have ceiling lights, nothing can beat the brilliance of floor lamps. Such an exciting light adds a lot of decor value to your home.

Wall Sconces

With no overhead lighting in your beautiful nest, wall sconces make an awesome addition. Install sconces with no need for wiring. It’s, in fact, simpler than messing with your ceiling. 

Install sconces near Eames style chairs or sofas and use them to satisfy the ‘reader’ in you. Besides being useful, they make fantastic home decor accents to amplify the interior decor of your home.

Pendant Lights

Though its a ceiling light, it comes with a healthier dose of overhead lighting. Give your home a sophisticated and classy look with swag pendant lights that seamlessly brighten the darkest spots in your home. 

All you need to do is, set up a hook on the ceiling, connect the lamp into the wall and fix the pendant’s chain to its hook and boom, twinkling light. 

They require no wiring, widely available in varied styles that you could use them in every room of your property. 

Table Lamps

Every home seems to have 3-4 table lamps. Either in a reading nook, both sides of the bed/couch or as entry table lamps. It pretty much simplifies why they make a superb alternative to ceiling lights. 

There is a multifarious range of stylish table lamps to select from, Brentwood table lamp, convey bronze and white marble, Cardiff telescoping table lamp, to name a few. So, find the ideal model resonating with furnishings, color schemes, and decor of, course.

String Lights

If you have a restricted budget to lighten up the home space, these tiny beauties would not disappoint in fulfilling your purpose. They can be easily arranged in any pattern and fun to set up too.

You would need hooks or nails to hang them over as they are lightweight. Besides, you could hang them from furniture and fixtures as you want.

So, instead of panicking over not having ceiling lights in your property, navigate through these popular lighting options online. They will make your decor even more interesting and distinct from what we see usually in houses around.

Embrace the new spark of your abode, go quirky and let the newness make space towards ‘awesomeness’.