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How To Adjust Your Sectional Sofa With A Coffee Table?

How To Adjust Your Sectional Sofa With A Coffee Table?

There is a lot to love about your sectional sofas. They are a perfect escape to your conventional sofa and loveseat combinations while offering utmost comfort and seating.

In addition, they are hands down super cuddly!

However, when the sectional sofa is not paired with the right coffee table, the result can usually be off-putting. It usually leaves a major impact on the look of your walls and feel of your space.

To make the most of your space, choose the coffee table that feels proportionate to the scale and size of your sectional sofas. And, not to forget consider the height, width, and visual weight while selecting

Modterior Decorating Tip: Recommended to leave 14 – 18 inches of space between the edge of your sofa  and coffee table.

L-Shaped Sectional Sofas

The L-Shaped sectional sofas from Modterior perfectly sneak into your space adding grace and life to your room. So, while you select the perfect sectional sofa, make sure to opt for the perfect coffee table.

The coffee table should not extend beyond the arms of your sofa on either end to maintain the right balance of the room.

To that end, if you have already loveseat sofa, try to blend it with a rectangle sized coffee table, whose shallow width balances your sectional sofa perfectly.

Whereas if both sides of your sectional sofa are of the same length, choosing a big square table is more likely to fit in the space and is more accessible to everyone seated.

U Shaped Sectional Sofas

Round tables are perfect for U shaped sectional sofa set. Their circular shape creates ample space even in tight quarters making it easier to navigate around, especially while sitting around.

In addition, the lack of sharp corners makes it an ideal solution for families with toddlers roaming around. And, as far it’s about good design, it is nice to create lumping together of shapes in between the furniture in your living space.

As an alternative approach, an ottoman or an upholstered ottoman from Modterior bunched together perfectly pull as a table or extra sitting. Even, adding a tray to the corral can take off the usual coffee table odds and end up a great place for holding drinks.

Are you sure to mix and match the fabric with contrasting colors?

For instance, if your sectional sofa set is drape in lighter shades, go for a dark ottoman. Or elect a fun color or everlasting pattern to draw your guest in.

In The End…  Are you still limiting yourself to one space?

Modterior have a better knack on how to arrange your space with chairs for your foreground, a dining area, a chaise lounge and whatever you want.

But, don’t forget to evaluate your room and make sure to take the measurements before choosing any coffee table.

As long as you remember our tips and buy what you adore, you will be happy to choose from our exquisite furniture range.