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Find The Perfect Dining Set For Your Lifestyle

Find The Perfect Dining Set For Your Lifestyle

Welcome to Modterior. We are glad to see you here!

Although, you have an open layout concept, king size bedroom, or eat-in kitchen, selecting the best dining table for your space comes to the dimensions you have to work with or the people you would like to share the meals with.

So, the foremost question to ask is “how many people”?

There are three things to pay attention while choosing the perfect size dining table.

Number 1: Size According To Your Space

The appropriate table size is proportional to the dining space, leaving enough room to pull the chairs out easily and gimmick around it. The exquisite range of dining tables from modterior will definitely help you select sweet spots for your table in the most appropriate way.

Number 2: Seating Capacity

Mostly, dining tables include the seating capacity written within the product description, though it may differ by few inches in its actual measurement.

Wait, are you thinking to squeeze an extra chair in it?

Remember to give at least 24 inches of space per sitting. Benches can also be considered as a bit cozier option.

Number 3: With An Adjustable Length

Do you want to have the flexibility to accommodate more people when the occasion arises?  It’s ok to have a leaf measurement in the centre of the table to extend it or store it in a designated slot when particularly not in use.

Even, it works well if the space in the room left is not appropriate, till the chairs can be pulled back easily. However, drop leaf table fits the perfect choice as edges can be folded down when not in use.

The Second Question To Ask “What Style To Pick”?

You have to look for two factors while deciding for the style of dining table.

Number 1: Height Of The Table

The standard height of a dining table is 30 inches. But, if you are looking for the table to go perfectly well with bar stools too,  counter height dining table of height 34 to 36 inches are the perfect addition.

But, the selection for dining table funnels down to personal choices and styles of the existing room.

And, if you are going for seperate dining table and chairs, don’t forget to have a look at the exclusive collection of dining decor at Modterior.

Decor Tip: If you are looking for a perfect dining table for the existing chairs, keep a vertical gap of 7 inches between the edges of the two for uttermost grace.

Number 2: Shape Of The Table

Just as you are concerned about the size, your room space does influence the shape of the table.

You have three options to choose from:

Rectangular: The width of a rectangular table can be seen as a favorable feature making it the most adaptable choice.

Oval: The no-corner option makes it easier to slip an extra chair without much effort.

Round & Square: They are just perfect for a small spot, letting you have good quality conversation with your companion.

But, as you go with a design of your choice, there is no cookie cutter answer.

If you like it, if this is what you have been looking for, and importantly if this is what will work best for you or your family, it will probably be the best choice so far.

In the End…

If you are feeling uphill to choose the right design for dining table while fitting perfectly into your space, we at Modterior is here to help you.