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Easy and Unique Way to Make The Most of Your Apartment Balcony

Easy and Unique Way to Make The Most of Your Apartment Balcony

There would rarely be anyone who doesn’t like to spend time in their balcony. Balconies are that precious part of the home where you can relax, enjoy evening tea and snacks and at the same time enjoy a view of your surroundings.

This fun even doubles if you are lucky enough to have a home near the beach or great natural areas, you can make it more special with small decorative tweaks.

But don’t worry if your balcony is not that spacious, now the market is full of creative furniture and decor items that you can use to make your tiny balcony more beautiful and spacious.

Here at Modterior, you can find a fabulous collection of outdoor furniture (that is good to use in the balcony without worrying about water damage), decor items, lightening options and more.

Let’s now discuss how you can make your balcony your next favorite place in the home.

First & foremost, you need to plan and forethought suitable furniture according to the size of your balcony. So the simple way is:

Organize and Optimize Available Space

As we have mentioned above, think about proportions. It gives you an idea of the space and makes you sure about the appropriate size of furniture you intend to place in your balcony.

Let’s say, you want to place swing chair with a small table or fill up your balcony with plants, by considering the area first, you can start your shopping accordingly and buy small pots for the plants instead of buying big cement or charcoal pots.

Think Creatively

You can make your balcony feel like an extension of your home interior by incorporating a variety of textiles. Add an outdoor rug with beautiful prints, dark shades or green colored rug that give the feel of grass, some decorative throw pillows and beautiful art piece on the side wall matching your decor theme.

For the open balconies, you can think about weather resistant furniture like faux wicker sofa, resilient polypropylene center table and more. Also, to make it more spacious, you can shop the folding chair to add one more spot to sit.

Don’t forget lighting

Lightning is an important element in making everything more beautiful and well lit. We know you would definitely never think about putting up a permanent outdoor lightening that contributes in your monthly bills to some extent but you can go for string lights or hanging lights that fit your budget and look perfect with your balcony decor.


Planter Wall

Plants, especially the flower potted plants put life into tiny balconies with dull furniture. It is one of the essential items to decorate small balconies as well as a spacious balcony.

Avoid using floor space for plant pots in the small balcony, opt hanging pots that you can easily hang on the walls or railing of the balcony. This way, you can have a feel of the garden near your rooms to sit and enjoy coffee.

You can also place mint, lavender and thyme plants in your balcony. Its fresh aroma will tune up your mood every time you sit in your balcony.

To find and pick the quality furniture, decor items, lightenings, etc, explore our website and turn your balcony into your favorite spot.