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Debunk The Dressers Myth With The Right Choice

Debunk The Dressers Myth With The Right Choice

It’s a rare chance one size fits all! Especially it hold true when it comes to clothes. So, why should it be the case when it comes to storing them?

“Dressers” are what is needed and comes with loads of options whether it be tall vs short, four vs six drawers, or drawers vs doors (or both) for toddlers and adults.

Choosing the right drawer has always been about where it is heading, where you prefer to place it and what purpose it adhere.

We have clutched some tips to help you in selecting the best dresser for meeting your needs and simultaneously sprucing your space.

Go For A Small or Short Dresser If,

You Want A Mirror On Top. Is your space not allowing for a full-length mirror, or you want your bedroom to look larger?

If it’s yes, opting for a matching mirror on top of your dresser or mounting it with a decorative mirror on the wall behind works best for it.

Can Be Used As A Nightstand Too. A chest of drawers, a wide or short dresser can also serve as a nightstand with ample storage. Just make sure to measure the height of your bed in comparison to the height of drawer to ensure it functions well.

It’s Functioning As An Entertainment stand. Use a short 3 drawer dresser for clothes and save the topmost for use as an entertainment console. But, make sure to use furniture that is designed to hold media and comes with necessary safety standards.

Whereas, if you choose to opt for space saving option by placing the TV on a conventional short dresser, review the anchor it program.

Select A Tall Dresser If,

You Are Left With A Tight Space. Tall dressers with smaller footprints save your space and can be used well on the amateurish walls, not so wide walls, near the door or even fits perfectly in a corner.

Modterior Tip: Make better use of your space by inspecting the design and taking in consideration the manufacturing of drawers. Look for the ones with drawers at the front as they maximize the total storage and amp the overall look.

You Love Symmetry:  Tall drawers on both sides of your bedroom perfectly balance out the visual weight. This proves a hassle-free option proffering you with ample time to get dressed up in the morning without tripping over each other.

Pick Dresser With Mirror If,

The dresser with a mirror is not just a dressing table anymore. It is more utilized as a chest for keeping medicines, clothing and everything you can think of.

The mirror provides the additional benefits of a dressing table. You can find the best range of dressing table properly amalgamated with stools and chairs at Modterior matching your unique requirements.

The top drawer of your dresser can always be used to keep round the clock things. In addition, the mirror will not just help you groom yourself better but throw the light back into the room ensuring the space appears lighter.

In The End…  Many choose to amp their wall in their personal and customized style. Whether it is 4 drawer dresser or a dresser with folded mirror, it is all about how you want to make it your ideal paradise.

Block away the tedious task of looking for here and there, and have the best look to leave an everlasting impact on your guests!

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