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7 Smart Tips To Make Your Small Living Room Look Big

7 Smart Tips To Make Your Small Living Room Look Big

Unchain some inspiring ideas to make your compact space inviting and purposeful. Let’s find out more …

Living in a cramped space may not be a dream of many homeowners but employing a handful of out-of-the-box ideas can make a notable difference in your room. 

Whether you’ve just moved-in or redecorating, we have some interesting tricks that can personalize your small living room into an incredible space to be in:  

 1. White Is Your Color

White walls may not be trending but nothing beats the serenity it brings to your personal space. Complement the pearl white walls with elegant & space-saving furniture that makes your room look bigger and brighter.

For instance, shopping for a sofa for a room with limited length and breadth isn’t going to be easy. A bulky king-size sofa can literally eat away your space. How about sleek yet elegant upholstered fabric sofa for seating 2-3 people or a corner sofa in combination with something like a loveseat

Ponder over the available options! 

If you still need more space, have stools instead. They occupy less space and of course, can be easily moved around when needed.

Add a pop of colors and some zing with colorful and outstanding accent furniture such as bombe chest, small tables, ornate wall pieces, wicker furnishings and more. There is every possible conceivable size and style out there to suit your preferences! 

2. Wall Storage

If you’re stuck up in a small room with limited walking space, the only way is to slide along the walls. Save the floor space and declutter with wall-hanging storages such as baskets that can hold up your magazines, newspapers, letters, books, iPads and loads of other stuff.

Alternatively, you can have extra storage units such as cupboards at the top of the walls to stash away your heavy and spacious stuff.  Be careful with the material for you don’t want everything to come crashing down on your head. Right?

 3.  Multi-functional Furniture

 For those living in a small space, stuffing furniture does not sound practical. Narrow down your options to the essentials and determine the possibility of making more out of less! 

 Imagine a piece of furniture that can serve multiple purposes. A bed that can fold, flip and turn into a dining table or possible fix as a wall accent? 

Save money on purchasing an extra table when you can do away with a bed!  

 Go for a coffee table or sofa with extra storage space to stash away your beauty products and other skincare things. For that matter, a full-length Cheval mirror can become an ironing board to meet more than just one purpose.

 See, there’s so much you can achieve with a little tact. Isn’t? 

 4.  Stripes Are In

Having vertical stripes as wall decorations can make your room look larger and airy. Instead of having stripes uniformly on all the walls, pick 1 or 2 sides or just a corner to paint it with your favorite colors or use wallpaper with the geometrical pattern right up to the ceiling to create an illusion.

 You can use wall accents such as wall clocks and mirrors to fill the remaining area to create a fine balance without superimposing the walls. Have standard floating shelves or get customized to fit in your usual showpieces, books, and other stuff.

  5.  A Character Touch Takes You Long

Decluttering is the mantra for many but nothing stops you from embracing the old vintage charm with sturdy, dark leather armchair, wooden stool, and a fireplace. Fill in the dingy space with treasured chest, mirror, and other accessories to live up to the theme.

 Invite your friends for coffee or dine with family, you’ve got perfect setting right with there under your nose. 

6.      Light It Right 

You have a small space that does not mean you need any lesser light. No expensive chandeliers but an overhanging pendant light lamp delicately over the table to enjoy the right amount of light.

 You can also have wall lamps to create more light or table lamp if you are a night owl spending hours reading or working. 

 Have guests at home? Pull a couple of chairs, stools or bean bags and have a gala time in ambiance amplified by dim lights or pull the curtains and welcome the bright sunshine right there in your small room.

  7.  Go Green Go Light

Nothing betters your interior décor than the indoor plants such as tulips, succulents or any other leafy plants right along the walls, tables or shelves. Make sure they go well with the aesthetics and need less watering.

 The last thing you would want is the plants dying inside with lack of air, light or excess water. Right? 

The Concluding Words 

Small living rooms are no longer a disadvantage if you meticulously plan the interior décor. Every single detail matters to keep your space organized and less cluttered to make room for a better living.

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