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7 Budget-Friendly DIY Wine Bar Ideas For Your Home

7 Budget-Friendly DIY Wine Bar Ideas For Your Home

What do you desire the most after a rough day at work? Enjoying a glass of wine in the comfort of your home invariably tops the list for many people. Unfortunately, not every house is custom designed to accommodate a bar to match your lifestyle choices. And even if it does, how much you can shell out for a classy wine bar? 

If you find yourself in the middle of such a situation, the following seven easy but interesting tips will come handy while saving money. 

Without much ado, lets begin

1. Ever Thought of Booze Case?

Converting your existing bookcase into a minibar is possibly the most versatile choice. Use the bookshelves to slide in liquor bottles and drawers for keeping other wine bar accessories. 

This keeps the bottle sturdy and stable without wobbling. 

2. Reuse Old TV Set

The current generation may not realize but ask your grandparents, the dingy but compact TV set can be of exceptional use years after now. Of course, not for entertainment but redesigning it into a wine rack.

Empty the inside of the frame and place the liquor bottles and wine glasses on top of the wooden frame.  Add floor lamps on the two sides to create a perfect ambiance and impress your guests. 

3. Repurpose Old Piano Into Wine Bar

How often do you use your old piano? Or Is it just eating your living space? Well, if your piano is turning into a liability, mull over redesigning into a wine bar! This way you can still keep it in a usable form. 

Make small adjustments such as repainting it with a fresh coat, add sliding glasses to cover the shelves or anything else to make more storage for your unique wine bar. 

Have the right pair of bar stools  or  counter stools to have the perfect sitting for your family and friends. 

4. Envision Cable Spool Into Wine Table

Repurpose your unwanted cable spools as a wine table.  They are made of strong and sustainable wood that effortlessly fit into your home decor. 

Use your creativity and remodel the spool by creating extra shelves and storages as per your requirement. Choose to paint it right to effortlessly blend in with the existing furniture. Go a step further and decorate it with table lambs to give a striking appearance to the liquor bottles.   

5. Recycling Pallets For Racking Wine

Wooden pallets are a versatile choice in industrial space. But many homeowners keep them for temporary storage. However, if you wish to create something unique without paying an exorbitant sum of money, you’ll never be short of interesting ideas.

6. Old Cabinets Are No Longer Useless 

Instead of buying a new wine bar, use your old cabinets with little upgradation. Add a few shelves, glass doors and custom storages to make the most of your outdated cabinets. Use paint or varnishes of your choice to fit with your other furniture. 

Regardless of the size or the material, you can reinvent your dull-looking cabinets into a sophisticated wine table or rack. 

7. Baby Crib Into Bar

A baby crib is hard to envision as a minibar. Right? But if your baby has outgrown the size of the crib, it can be used to store wine and other liquor bottles. Its overall design sans after removing the padding draws the attention of creative minds. 

Give a cool and trendy transformation to an unused, and old baby crib to store wine. It may not look like a full-fledged wine bar, a mini version fits in well in the corner of your living room. 

These are some of the interesting ideas to save extra bucks while adding a mini bar into your home. We would love to hear more ideas from our followers. Share your comments in the section below: