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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Designing the living room is the most baffling of all, as it requires a lot more than what you might perceive. First, selecting the right color scheme that seamlessly blends with the interiors, setting up a budget, then shopping for luxury home furniture, you go to invest time & effort to get the results you aimed.

Your living room is the place where you and your kids spend most of their entire day. So, the stakes are quite high, and you want this room to restore your high living standards in the minds of people those who visit your place-, be it on the thanksgiving occasion or a social gathering.

So, now when spring is around the corner, it’s the best time to transform the living room in the way you want. To help you out, here, in this post, we’ve rounded up five easy ideas you must try to inject new life into your living space.

Let’s Have a Quick Tour-

1. Repainting the Walls

Repainting the Walls

Repainting the living room is one affordable idea that has a knack ability to transform any dull-looking room into something special-, an inviting environment — the best part with repainting you have an endless number of options.

You can either go with the vivid, bold colors to sharpen up the overall room outlook or pick a light colour scheme to make your space-constraint living room looks & feel big. You can also try the fancy designs & patterns such as stripes, chevrons, or stencil work.

2. Hanging Artwork

Hanging Artwork

You can do a lot with the hanging artwork, there are so many widespread options on the market, spanning from the traditional class to modern craftsmanship- a few properly hung artworks have the power to boost the entire room decor. So, to boil down, what’s on the wall has a massive impact.

Also, here, the do-it-yourself approach is very much workable. You can hang your very own pieces of art. Last, the large mirrors also have a luxurious feel about, as they can make any small space appeal big.

3. Flexible Furniture

You can expand your less spacious living room by spending on flexible or multipurpose furniture. For instance, a compact coffee table with the storage capacity is a great way to save a cabinet at your living space, a bookcase as a room divider makes a strong case. The stools can also act as side tables, whereas the poufs are best for leg rests and extra seating.

4. The Vintage Class

The Vintage Class

The vintage piece of furniture, lighting or artwork injects the old-world class & elegance to any room. Their exclusive charm and texture trigger positive vibes in the whole ambiance. You can do so much with vintage stuff, what about a retro-style coffee table that lends a stroke of surprise?

So, go online and check the best vintage stores to spruce up your living space in a matter of minutes.

5. The T.V. Stand

Most of us have special family moments while watching television, especially on EPL football weekends, but with a sub-par setup, one can’t have a memorable T.V. binge session. So, this means, finding the right media stand or set up is essential. As a rule of thumb, put forth by the interior designers worldwide, that the wooden setup must be a few inches wider than the base of the television.


Other inexpensive yet impactful ideas to revitalize the lost charm of your living space room includes-

❖ Replace Your Old, Deteriorated Windows

❖ Repainting the Cabinets

❖ Replace The Area Rugs

❖ Find The Perfect Coffee Table

I would like you to share your ideas when it comes to refurbishing the living room!