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5 Must-Haves for Glamorous Outdoor Space

5 Must-Haves for Glamorous Outdoor Space

Decking up your outdoor living space can be as rewarding as your interiors! How? Let’s find out.

Have a barbeque with friends, play games with your kids, sip a cup of coffee with your partner, dine with the entire family, optimally utilizing backyard, patio or porch can indeed be gratifying.


If you’re pondering over redesigning outdoor space or need a fresh design from scratch, we have five essentials for your consideration:

1.   Select The Dominant Theme

Like modern or a classic design inspired by different eras?  There is no scarcity of options to choose from nowadays. Replicate some iconic designs or add a personal touch to enhance the outdoors.

For instance, a fireplace can fill up your outdoor with light and warmth. Add lanterns or small table-top fire pits for having that grandeur feel to your casual evenings.

And, nothing beats the string lights to create a perfect ambiance. Emulate a courtyard inspired from Italy or something totally funky for beautiful evenings together with friends and family.

Plug in the gap and bring nature close with potted plants, wall-hanging plants, moss walls, and table-top succulents.

2.   Set The Furniture Right

Your outdoor sitting areas are as important as inside your home. Create a comfortable yet captivating look with the quintessential lounge chairs, swing chairs, benches, Adirondack chairs or other patio chairs.

Consider having sofas, swings, or rocking chairs for transforming the often-boring courtyard into a dream lounge!

Save some more moola with a comfy dining table and chairs. Congregate with your family for a brunch or dine together for quality time after a tiring day at work.


3.   Outdoor Shades Never Go Out Of Fashion

Often homeowners shy away from hefty investment in outdoors. Reasons? Prolonged exposure to the sun, rain and poor maintenance ruin your furniture, thereby clamping down any decent returns!

Install retractable shades and screen covers to block the sun, pesky insects and other flying creatures.

The best, create a pergola for a complete respite from the scorching heat and incessant rain, dense fog, etc.  Have a basic wooden pergola or go a notch up higher with modern and sustainable designs.

Have chandeliers, lamps or other light fixtures for late evening parties or regular dining with family/friends.

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4.   Flooring

While you’re fixing major things up, do not forget the rock you’re standing on!

Whether the standard concrete/brick flooring or the permeable gravel, clean and organized floor makes for elegant outdoors.

Push the envelope and add decorative pebbles to the pavers. Install them uniformly along the edges of the walls or pour down in potted plants, maintain a sense of semblance in the design.

5.   Accessorize

Create a difference in your outdoor living with a waterproof rug. Choose from an unbelievable variety available in size, color, patterns or designs that suit your furniture and of course, exterior landscape.

A handful of interesting ideas to accessorize include:

  • Bright and preppy cushions for sofas
  • Textured pillows
  • Utility and coffee tables
  • Fiber stools
  • Table lamps
  • Chandeliers
  • Terra cotta pots

You can find many other outdoor accessories for creating a paradise just a step outside of your home.

In the Nutshell

Outdoors are worth every penny if you manage it well. Instead of ignoring, get ingenious range of home furniture and accessories from Modterior .

We have curated splendid variety to meet the myriad tastes and preferences of homeowners. Write to us at info@modterior.com or Call us at 800-530-1190 for a product inquiry.