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5 Ideas That Breathe Life To Office Décor

5 Ideas That Breathe Life To Office Décor

Work culture has undergone a metamorphosis over the years and so is its interior decor. From the stereotyped offices to the latest avant-garde corporate décor, designing the 21st-century workplace is no less than a feat!

Inspiring designs spark creativity and promote the overall well-being of your employees. Whether you’re creating from scratch to remodeling your existing office, there is no dearth of interesting ideas for urban offices.

Without much ado, let’s find out 7 prudent ideas that alleviate your regular-looking office to an incredible level:

1.  Inspiring + Enlightening Design

Declutter your mind and find new ideas in an ambiance that piques your productivity. Whether a small setup or an established digital conglomerate, the choice of furniture, colors of the wall, flooring, lighting fixtures to the accessories offer a distinct feel!

From the revolutionary workspaces, The Yard to the aesthetic charm of The Farm, these inviting and unique workspaces exude the pulse of the NYC Charm.

5 Ideas That Breathe Life To Office Décor

Let go of some of the unnecessary walls and raise more conduits for a collaborative workspace. The concept of minimalism and shared workspace have been transforming the standard notion of workspace offering encouraging results as employees tend to work as a passionate team!

Many studies have proved that uncluttered work surface encourages employees to work together for enhanced outcomes.

Little steps can make a difference: Do not add an unnecessary pile of files and keep what’s needed on your desk. If it’s inevitable, have it stored in closets, boxes, and containers to keep your personal working space free of burden!

2.  Every Piece Matters

Be it your work stations, chairs, reception, lounge, pantry or any other object, every element fosters energy for an ideal workplace.

Imagine working for long hours sitting on chairs that acutely crack your back. Not happening. Eh?

Say No to bulky & boring chairs; say HOLA to stylish office chairs with flexible features such as height, backrest, mobility, etc to work for long hours.

From the highly comforting & ideal ergonomic, adjustable conference chairs, stacking chairs, or the standard guest chairs, your comfort and convenience are well taken care of!

How about having a standing desk? Enjoy a short break from sitting for prolonged hours and move around to have a little chat with your colleagues. Alternatively, lounge for some time.

3.  The Pop Of Colors

Ever heard of color psychology? Every color has a distinct impact on human behavior.

For instance, red is the color of strength but excessive exposure can be disturbing if the ceiling lights are equally harsh. Orange is known to invigorate passion and energy. Whereas blue sparks intelligence and calmness.

The Pop Of Colors

Think before you paint the walls for having a misfit color could be more damaging then you imagine. Make your employees feel welcomed every single with positive energy and warmth

Decide if you want to uniformly paint in one color or try unique patterns.

Do not forget the natural light.  It offers a bundle of benefits to keep your health and mood on the right spot. In fact, having floor-to-ceiling windows are a good idea and even glass partitions to demarcate the areas are growing popular too.

4.  Get The Homely Feel Around

Many people consider the workplace their second home. Literally, they spend most of their time behind the walls they call it – OFFICE.

Having that homely feel via comfy cushions, couches, pantry area, gym, pet area, etc could make a notable difference.

Cut out the narrow lanes of office interiors and bring in more warmth to your office space. Have productive talks with your colleague, let your hair down over a cup of coffee in the evening, catch up the latest football match, etc.

5.  Invite Nature

Nature is a natural healer. Popularly known as Biophilic design, the concept emphasizes on incorporating natural elements ( air, water, earth) into your modern built-in environment.

modern loft office

For instance, technology behemoths of the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon have long invested in Biophilic Design principles to boost employees focus,  engagement, and cognitive development.

You can’t replicate the natural sunlight at your convenience. Can you?

Whatever human capacity and the wings technology has provided us, bring in the nature in different forms such as plants, gravel stones etc. Indoor plants are soothing to eyes, clean the air and make a workplace more appealing.

Additionally, wooden floor, paneling, stone accents, water features, and fireplaces offer you the cocoon nature offers.

In the never-ending war of talent, the company which offers a conducive working environment and of course, elegant workspace attracts the cream of the crop in the industry.

There is a lot the nature can offer you, even if you’re inside your office.

Wrapping Up

The quotidian-styled offices are no longer offering any value for corporates. Transformation is happening, may not be at encouraging pace but we’re moving towards dynamic workspaces.

If you’re on the voyage to renovate your office, then Modterior  is the place to be! Write to us at info@modterior.com or Call us at 800-530-1190 for a product inquiry.