Welcome to Modterior Blog | 5 Creative Ideas To Lit Up Your Apartment
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5 Creative Ideas To Lit Up Your Apartment

5 Creative Ideas To Lit Up Your Apartment

Having a perfect lighting in your apartment can set the mood for bright mornings to romantic evenings in your life. There is no replacement to natural light though.

If you are bereft of the boundless love of the sun light, nothing to worry much as we offer some splendid ideas to illuminate your home.

From choosing the latest light fixtures to just an incandescent bulb, most homeowners often miscalculate in making the right choice. Fret not, we will uncover 5 such interest ideas that can lit your abode to perfection:

  1. The Ceiling Fixtures

Having a bold ceiling fixture can become the cynosure of the eyes of every guest.  In fact, hanging an expansive ceiling fixture can trick you into believing that the room is larger than you think of.

Whether hanging a single or a bevy of bulbs, ceiling fixtures offer extremely interesting ideas to illuminate your apartment like no other. However, be selective about the bulbs; they can make huge change.

Remember, ceiling fixture standalone wouldn’t be enough to manage the light inside. Use them in conjunction with other lighting fixtures. You can use the magniloquent chandeliers to add majestic feel in your apartment.

  1. Never Go Wrong with Lampshades

Lampshades if not placed at the right spot could just ruin the entire indoor setting. They aren’t just a decorative piece in an otherwise assortment of things.

Experts say that lighter lamp shades infuse more light around and the darker lamp shades have limited scope i.e. just above and below the lampshade.

Let go of the heavy and spacious traditional lampshades. Embrace the modern designs that are lightweight and stylish to adjust with any interior decor. Whether you use them on walls, tables or floor, they add their own glint and charm to your apartment.

Be judicious where you place them for they should not obstruct your movement and evenly disperse the light around.

  1. The Overhead Lighting

Possibly the biggest challenge with a dingy or small space is lighting. Especially if it’s your vanity. Having an expansive lampshade can obscure vision and reduce leg space.

The experts recommend having a sconce in combination with overhead lighting, lamps and possibly some natural light ( window) that creates a perfect balance for a relaxing space.

  1. Incandescent Light

Everyone wants to enter their home with a heart warming, welcoming light around. Stepping in to a pitch dark room can shroud the brightest of the soul in the world.

The experts tip is to use the quintessential bulbs with softer, yellow light. Nothing glaring about them.  These wall lambs uniformly spread the light around lightning up every corner.  You can explore exceptional variety in wall lamps to set the perfect tone for your apartment.

  1. Get Smarter With Mirrors!

Mirrors have any exceptional impact on your interiors of the room. Use your tact well and place the mirrors just across the windows to bounce the light around.  It gives an impression of a brighter space to soothe your tense or agitated nerves.

What about having wall full of decorative mirrors? Pick and choose the separate mirrors or the patterned mirrors for the walls. That would add another layer of glamor in your interior space.

Summing It Up

Having lights at the right place illuminates the darkest nooks and crannies.  If you have moved in or already living in an apartment, make way for inviting lights in an ingenious way!

Browse through the stunning range of decor lights and other products at Modterior .  We have curated splendid variety to meet myriad tastes and preferences of homeowners. Write to us at info@modterior.com or Call us at 800-530-1190 for a product enquiry.