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5 Contemporary Eames Chair STYLES For Your Home

5 Contemporary Eames Chair STYLES For Your Home

Decorating home with an iconic piece of furniture like EAMES chair calls for an understanding of the design context into which it first came into existence. 

Since the mid of the 20th century until now, the Eames chair still finds its popularity everywhere. They come in varied colors, styles, and types that fit perfectly into any home decor. 

Here are some styles of Eames chair you should know before investing in one:


Lobby Chair

In 1960, these chairs were highly known as time-life lobby chairs. The first place where they were used was in the Time-Life building’s lobby as they were commissioned by Time Inc. They were designed to make a replica of the lounge chair, especially its comfort to be used in a lobby or conference room setting. 

Later in 1972, Bobby Fischer insisted on sitting on the lobby chair for his world chess championship match. His opponent, Boris Spassky requested the same treatment and hence, officials brought it over.

Aluminium Group Chair

From side chairs to management chairs, the aluminum group features numerous unique styles. These work great in-home and office too whether used at a clerk’s desk, executive’s site and boardroom setting.

Initially, models were widely available in leather and upholstered versions with high and low backs, depending upon the use. The frames of these chairs are made of aluminum cast in one piece. 

Fiberglass Side Chairs

The fiberglass side chair was more challenging to design considering that it has no arms and the edges where the back met the seat tended to break a little. The original colors were Elephant Hide Grey and Parchment.

They even introduced Sea Foam Green, Orange Red, and Lemon Yellow along with many other colors to compliment the office and home decor. 

Wire Chair

The chair was designed half a century ago and this model is a symbol for the industrial design. Since then, the wire chair model continues to evolve. Highly inspired by dress forms, trays, and baskets, this chair is ideal for an industrial or masculine room. Its modern design, look and feel makes any living space look cool.

The Eames wire chair comes with a wire base and a complete leather seat pad in various colors to choose from. 

Dining Chair

At one point in time, this chair was declared the best design of the 20th century by Time Magazine. The design referred to as DCW (Dining Chair Wood) for the dining version and LCW (Lounge Chair Wood) for the lounge version. It was introduced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York where it was displayed in a tumbling machine. 

In the year 1948, the DCW was made in partnership with Herman Miller. Many of these chairs were marked with a sticker on the bottom. Many different kinds of wood and colors were used to create this design since 1948. 

Hopefully, the above-mentioned styles of Eames chair would help you make the wise decision. Bring in a luxurious and comfortable piece of furniture this winter season. Let Eames be a centerpiece of your home decor.