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5 Cardinal Rules To Embrace Maximalism

5 Cardinal Rules To Embrace Maximalism

No one doubts the growing influence of minimalism but maximalists aren’t uprooted yet – they’re very much here to stay. To know more, read on …

Minimalists for long have championed the rules of subtle and serene decor but those starved of the spunky colors and loud patterns in their home, we have some good news! 

 Welcome Maximalism – anchored to the field of music, art, and literature, it’s one-of-its-kind concepts that promote an empowering side of the interior décor.  

Decorating the home with what you love is uplifting and liberating! Of course, it nowhere means flooding your living space with every random object; meticulous use of space with things you cherish the most in life. 

Without much ado, let’s get on to five such tips that can do wonders for you:

1.      Be Brave With Color Choices

If you have to create an impression, never go wrong with the wall color!

It all begins with the fundamental, base color only.  When it comes to maximalists, the colors – stark blue, black, orange, and red are loved! 

Having dark colored walls with ornamental accents is an ideal combo and leaves undeniable impact. You can have dozens of family photographs, treasured decorative items or anything more. 

Remember, having found the right color is a battle half-won.  All you need to do know is to find its complementary elements to take the game higher.

2.      Wall Art Never Gets Old

You have no dearth of options to flaunt your embellished walls but wall artwork has a distinct taste and charm.  Conceptualize and create inspiring artwork that gives a peek into your life to the world outside.

Get proper measurement if you want to create a single frame or divide into multiple frames to share a story.  

Identify the artwork that effortlessly syncs with the background color so that eyes are naturally drawn towards the wall.  Read more interesting ideas to add life to the dull and boring walls. 

Have a quality time sitting on the comfort of an Eames style chair while admiring the exquisite art on the wall. 

 3.      Ceiling Space

Ever considered decorating the ceiling of your room? Often people go with standard designs, especially the corners of the walls.  

How about a full-fledged wallpaper with bold prints? It’s a fantastic idea that makes your ceiling look so appealing and inviting. 

Do not forget to use an equally stylish light fixture chandeliers, or wall lamps. They are a perfect fit to brighten up the entire room. Shop with Modterior to discover a fabulous range of home and office decor items. 

 4.      Play With Patterns

Patterns never go wrong if you blend them right with the existing scheme of colors.  Add wallpaper, curtains, and other wall accessories in a similar theme such as floral, abstract, modern or anything more to create a splendid setup.

Make sure you downplay with the tones of the furniture such as neutral so the contrasting patterns come across really well.
Do not forget to shop for a modern rug that perfects not just the function but flooring as well. 

5.      Old Classic Charm

The staunch admirers of boho style décor simply adore maximalism for all the vivacity it brings to their personal space. 

It does not mean you have to abandon your favorite but spacious vintage furniture and accessories. 

For instance, the Victorian-style décor is suffused with shades of earthy greens, deep purples, lilac, lavender, teal, etc exuding the charm of a dream house.  Retain the classic charm with the old yet sturdy furniture that’s a bold display of strength and style. 

Do not forget having a bookshelf – the staple of maximalists. 

As we wrap up

Less is more for minimalists but you do not have to play it down, always. Right? Play with bold colors and elegant patterns that create a unique space. 

There is so much to talk about when it comes to maximalism. It’s full of variations that can fill you up with loads of ideas each better than the other.

While less is more for minimalism fans but more is more for many out there who like living within sketchy imperfections as long as it makes them happy!

 If you’re wondering what and how to pick, we give you the chance to explore Modeterior for a stunning collection of furniture and décor for an ideal home.