Jacobsen Style Swan Love Seat Couch - Wool

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Perhaps no chair is more synonymous with organic design than the Wing chair. First intended as an outstretched reception chair, the piece is expansive like the wings of its namesake. While organic living promotes the harmonious balance between human habitation and the natural world, achieving proper balance is a challenge. It is often left to the designers, those creative leaders of the generation, to guide the way. While the padded fiberglass shell is upholstered in a layer of fabric, the admiration for this piece comes from a much deeper source. First developed in the mid-20th century, the Wing chair is a testament to the potential inherent in human endeavor. While the chair rests firmly on a sturdy polished aluminum frame, it’s the abandonment from the particulars of engineering and industry that make it so endearing. This sprawling two-seater version is a fuller representation of the theme that the original design intended to convey.


  • Premium Wool
  • High Density Foam Cushions
  • Fiberglass Frame


Overall Product Dimension: 25"L x 56"W x 31.5"H
Seat Height: 17.5"H
Backrest Height: 16.5"H

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